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Blue corn as a starting point

Blue corn is a starting point to explore the Mexican gastronomic culture. It is an ingredient that allows us to connect with the past, present and future of Mexico.

Blue corn is a symbol of Mexico’s cultural wealth. It is an ingredient that allows us to dream, travel, discover, feel a territory and fly to a better future.

What is Maíz Azul?

Maíz Azul is a gastronomic project that aims to promote the consumption of creole corn from Mexico, preserve and disseminate the origins of traditional Mexican cuisine, and promote the consumption of beverages of pre-hispanic origin.


Maíz azul is a restaurant that works directly with local and national producers to promote the consumption of Mexican creole corn and the dissemination of traditional Mexican cuisine. The restaurant uses quality products that contribute to the environment, with an ecological, artisanal process that preserves the natural flavor of Mexican cuisine. In addition, the restaurant focuses on the health sector, offering dishes that are nutritious and healthy.


Maíz Azul’s vision is to be a leading restaurant in the dissemination and preservation of Mexican creole corn. The restaurant wants to position itself as a cultural and social proposal, being a spearhead in its locality and a gastronomic reference.

The project is based on the following values:

The project deeply respects the cultural heritage of traditional recipes, and based on its knowledge, it uses all its creativity with criteria to make new dishes or create new versions of them.

The project has a committed and passionate team that enjoys doing its job well.

The project provides a warm, polite and professional treatment to its guests.

The project is aware that its work does not make sense without its suppliers, diners and mother earth.

In practical terms, the project is materialized in a restaurant and a store of artisanal products. The restaurant offers a menu of traditional Mexican dishes made with blue corn, as well as a menu of drinks of pre-hispanic origin. The store offers a selection of Mexican artisanal products, including blue corn, traditional drinks and handicrafts.

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Blue corn is an ingredient that inspires us to fly into the future.

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